Aaniin, Shé:kon, Tawnshi, Miyotôtâkewin, ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ, Biindigen and Welcome!

All Nations Child Care Gathering - July 12, 13, 14, 2022


The First Nations Early Years Mentors Gijikendaamin (Thunder Bay Region) conference committee thanks everyone who registered for this event!  We hope you are doing great and reflecting on the learning you received during the conference.

If you are interested in hosting the All Nations CC Gathering 2023 please connect with your regional representative to access the ANCCG submission form.  The Provincial Supervisors Network Working Group-Learning Circle will review all submissions received at the September 20th meeting.

Wanda Gordon, RECE, Planning Committee Chair wgordon@fireflynw.ca


Call for videos photo of baby and information on videos


We will be posting videos asking you to video yourself/educators/families/children (if you have permission) and send them to us to share on our website!!

Watch for a call-out on topics for videos from your centre to submit!!

We invite you to submit your video!

How to make a video.

Regional Network Information

Regional Networks are comprised of supervisors, coordinators and educators of First Nation Early Learning Programs located in each of the 4 regions of the province. The establishment and sustainability of these networks was identified as a priority by First Nations. The networks support the delivery of high quality, culturally appropriate programs and services. The benefits of regional networks include information sharing, knowledge exchange, skills development, collaborative problem solving and solution-finding for common issues.

The 4 regional network pages include maps and directories for licensed child care and child and family programs.

First Nation Early Learning Regional Program Map

First Nations Early Education Regional Map