Back to School Mini Course

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Launches September 6, 2021!🍎 Back to school 2021 will be yet another journey into new and, at times, uncertain territory. That’s why we have created a new and unique mini-course that will help educators reflect on and address this year’s unique stressors.

The course will dive into the unique challenges educators will face this fall including adaptations, uncertainties and anxieties around health and safety, new rules and procedures, and their impacts on students, staff and parents.

The course starts September 6, and participants will have access until November 30!

Individual and group registration is available. 

Four Areas of Focus for Growth-Promoting Relationship Building in Schools

As we head back to school this September, now is a good time to readdress this vlog from Susan Hopkins. In it Susan applies the Energy-Centred Teaching (ECT) Model that she first developed with Dr. Stuart Shanker in 2017 to offer a fresh way of thinking about building healthy relationships at the beginning of a new school year.

Susan outlines the four frames of ECT – protECT, connECT, collECT, and detECT – and shows how they can be applied to think about teacher-student and whole class relationship building. Thanks for watching!
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Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators

THIS is the resource you need to take your Self-Reg practice to the next level in your classroom or school. Why?

Because Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators, by Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins, published by Pearson Canada, will answer the ever important questions about HOW to implement Self-Reg into your school, classroom and your life.

The ideas, strategies, and tools presented in this handbook are the fruit of, not only decades of solid science, but also all the work and learning Drs. Shanker and Hopkins have done with educators, health professionals, support specialists, and parents.

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Join us for REFRAMED: Masters in Self-Reg Reframing

The REFRAMED Course has been designed to give learners a behind-the-scenes look, at the thinking that went into the writing the book, REFRAMED: Self-Reg for a Just Society.

REFRAMED explores the scientific and philosophical underpinnings that affect the way we see and understand core principles like equality, empathy, compassion, intelligence, rationality, temperament, relationships, and ultimately, human potential. Reframing these and other core societal concepts will enable learners to fully understand, and cast aside, the deterministic thinking that has caused the inequalities we have seen in societies over the centuries.

REFRAMED is a level 2 course. This means if you have completed FoundationsSelf-Reg for Early Childhood Development, or Leadership for Self-Reg Schools, you are READY. Starts Oct. 21!

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Self-Reg Foundations Continues to Change Lives!Our flagship course, Self-Reg Foundations, has been a game-changer for thousands of learners, bringing them to an entirely new understanding of what makes people tick. In this four-course, online program, Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins take you deep into the science of self-regulation and stress.Over 1500 teachers, mental health professionals, health professionals and parents have taken this course. Many say it has changed their outlook on children, their work and their own well-being.

Choose to register for the full Foundations program, or to take each course individually.

The next cohort for Self-Reg Foundations starts September 2. Don’t miss this opportunity to change YOUR life!
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