College of Early Childhood Education

The new Sexual Abuse Prevention Program for College members is launching in 2022, as mandated by the provincial government. The new program builds on the skills and knowledge registered early childhood educators (RECEs) already have in this area and provides an opportunity to reinforce the position of trust they have with families and their community in terms of child protection. It also supports RECEs’ dedication to the safety, health, and well-being of children by empowering them with proactive approaches to help prevent child sexual abuse before it occurs. 
Education. Throughout the year, RECEs will have opportunities to expand their knowledge with current information on child sexual abuse and prevention. In July, online education and practical tools will be launched in partnership with the Canadian Center for Child Protection. The flexible online learning modules will be available any time at no cost to members, as part of the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program. 
We understand this is a sensitive topic that may resonate with many people on a personal level. The College wants to provide advance notice of this requirement, giving members time to prepare in a way that is best for them. Considerations have been built into the training content and structure to support various learner needs. Throughout the coming months, the College will share additional information to help prepare and support learners who have questions.