Congratulations to graduates of the Early Childhood Education Diploma Program!


Emily Lachinette
Emily Lachinette ECE

Seven Generations Education Institute

My story begins with what led me into the ECE work field and the reasons why I started. The fact of working with children in high school for my co-op course for my grade 12 opened my eyes in realizing I loved being around children and helping them grow and learn, so they could develop into their own people for the future. My teachers and supervisors all told me how well I work with the children and pushed me to further my education in this field thus leading me on an incredible journey to help myself learn about how children can develop in different ways. I always enjoyed learning about the different ways a child developed into their own individual learning ways. Another thing I enjoyed was learning about how we can fully support each child with different activities and strategies taught to us. The most important thing I enjoyed was how the courses expanded my mindset and teaching abilities so that I’m capable of helping each child learn and in the future my own. The support I most valued was my parents, friends, and my teacher Marlis Bruyere because they helped me through tough times and were understanding when I was down. They showed me and taught me it was okay to take a break and talk about my feelings, questions, and anything else. They continued to support me on my 2-year journey with this work field. I am blessed to have their full support in everything I have done and will continue to accomplish.

Taneesha Cheesequay ECE
Taneesha Cheesequay ECE

My name is Taneesha Cheesequay, I am from Ginoogaming First Nation just outside of Longlac Ontario. I recently graduated from the Early Child Educator program in June 2020. I grew up very involved in child care programs, my mother worked as a Tikinagan program coordinator. Going to her program after school and helping out with the children while she worked one on one with the parents was something I loved to do. I have had plenty of experience over the years, starting as a relief worker at the head start on my reservation. Then as a supply teacher at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, teaching the native language class there was one of my favourite positions. Not too long after supply teaching I was asked to work full time as a Teachers’ Assistant in Grade 3 at the Migizi Wazisin Elementary School. I had a great opportunity to attend school for ECE while working full time through the Oshki Wenjack Education Institute of Thunder Bay. I currently live in Williamstown Ontario, working as an early childhood specialist with the Zero 2 Six/ Early On program in Akwesasne. We are doing great things for the community of Akwesasne, providing online programming is one of our main sources to keep in touch with families.