Licensed First Nation Child Care Centres meet and maintain specific provincial standards set out in Ontario Regulation 137/15 General. These standards address items that affect quality in licensed child care centres, such as staff/child ratios, physical environment, staff qualifications, and children’s health and wellbeing.

The Child Care and Early Years Act 2014 (Bill 10)

On August 31, 2015, the Child Care and Early Years Act came into effect. For further information about the rules and regulations under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014:


Provincial Licensing

Licensed child care programs must meet and maintain specific provincial standards set out in the Child Care & Early Years Act, 2014. These standards provide for the health, safety and developmental needs of the children.

At least once a year, staff of the Ministry of Education make unannounced inspections of all licensed child care programs to:

  • make sure that provincial standards are being met
  • issue and renew licenses
  • investigate complaints
  • monitor operators who are having difficulty meeting licensing standards.

Licensing reports for all home-based and centre based licensed child care programs are available on the licensed child care finder.

Information for Licensees

Please download, print and post for your families & staff.

Licensed Child Care in Ontario

Child Care in Ontario


The following Child Care Licensing System (CCLS) documents (posted on the above portal under the section “Getting Started with CCLS”) may be useful for the collaboration website:

All the documents/videos (and descriptions) are available on the Portal for download.