The recruitment and retention of qualified early childhood educators is a challenge facing early years programs. We strive to build our capacity for Indigenous registered early childhood educators working in our Indigenous communities.

Below are some tips and strategies.

  1. Online and local community ads
  • Online community newsletters and websites
  • Word of mouth
  • Local job boards at colleges
  • Contact the Early Childhood Education program manager at the local college to let them know you are looking at applicants
  1. Participate in job fairs
  • Events held usually in spring or fall
  • Use of promotional materials
  • Invite current staff to participate
  1. Attract candidates by having solid policies and a welcoming environment.
  1. Share information on leadership or growth opportunities for staff in your program. This will likely attract candidates to know they will constantly be learning and growing.

HR Toolkit: Selection Criteria, Methods and Posting | CCHRSC (

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