The Indigenous Educators Sharing Knowledge (IESK) is a pilot project that supports the professional capacity of Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) working in on reserve child care programs across Ontario.  The program is designed for RECE’s who have limited access to professional learning opportunities.  RECE’s who take part in this pilot project will gain a greater connection to the ECE community; learn new skills and knowledge through building relationships with colleagues. The program kicks off on December 9th with a virtual Meet & Greet.  Starting in January 2022 the groups will meet virtually every 2 weeks until March 23rd. In person site visits will take place starting the week of March 28th until April 14th, 2022.  A virtual celebration event scheduled on April 20th following completion of site visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my program be a part of this exciting pilot project?

Complete and submit the online application form located on this page.

If abundance of program applications are received, an online draw will take place for the selection of 6 programs to participate.

Is there a fee for participating in the pilot project?

There is no registration fee for participating.

Number of Programs Involved?

Six programs accepted for pilot project.

Who is Involved?

Two RECE’s from one program – Toddler & Preschool Educator

Two programs in each of the three IESK groups: total of 4 educators per group.

Who are the facilitators?

The Indigenous Professional Learning Opportunities Coordinators:

Michelle Taylor-Leonhardi, RECE, Sherry Lickers, RECE, Wanda Gordon, RECE

What is the delivery method?

Following the virtual Kick-off Meet & Greet in December 2021, participants will meet virtually every two weeks starting January 12th, 2022 until March 23rd, 2022. In person site visit or a virtual site visit for each group to occur starting March 28th until April 14th, 2022.

How long are the virtual sessions? When? What day?

Each session 1 ½ hours occurring every 2nd Wednesday.

Time: Reflective of Time Zones for morning sessions only.

Start Date – End Date

Kick-Off – Dec 9th, 2021

Session One – Jan 12th, 2022

Session Two – Jan 26th, 2022

Session Three – Feb 9th, 2022

Session Four – Feb 23rd, 2022

Session Five – Mar 9th, 2022

Session Six – Mar 23rd, 2022

In – Person Site Visit – Mar 28th – Apr 14th 2022

Virtual Celebration Gathering – Apr 20th 2022

Explain Site Visits

Participants grouped together will have one face to face visit (or virtual) to each other’s centre.

e.g. Program A visits Program B / Program B visits Program A

Travel, accommodations, meals and a per diem for staff coverage for site visit for each registered participant will be covered.    Per diem rate of $20.00 per hour.



Attendance is mandatory to allow for enriched group virtual meeting conversations. It is imperative for programs to have access to casual staff to cover participants absences for 8 virtual sessions and a site visit.

Programs required to submit reflections on their experiences in this pilot project.

What supplies are needed for participation in this pilot project?

Internet, meeting space, iPad or laptop

Program Reimbursement

Programs have the option to receive reimbursement at a per diem rate of $20.00 per hour for staff coverage to allow RECE’s participation hours for virtual sessions and a site visit.


Please direct questions to IPLO Coordinators –