Our culture: An Indigenous way of life

Did you know that there are three groups of Indigenous Peoples in Canada? They are First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

Our culture is reflected in our way of life, and we like to celebrate the heritage given to us by our ancestors. Indigenous languages are made up of several language families. If we wanted to refer to all the First Nations in Algonquian, we would use the word “anicinabec.” Algonquian is one of the many Indigenous language families. Each language family includes a number of related languages. For example, the Beaver and Tahltan languages are part of the great Athabascan language family.

Today, culture is the key to our pride. Indigenous languages, history and culture are taught by our families, our Elders and our teachers. In 1999, the first Indigenous television network in the world was launched. The APTN or Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, has given Indigenous peoples like us a great opportunity to share our stories on television with the rest of the country on a regular basis. For all Canadians, this network is like a window looking out onto the incredibly diverse world of Indigenous peoples in Canada and other countries.

We invite you to share videos and/or posters of you and your community’s celebrations on June 21, 2022.

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