June is National Indigenous History Month which celebrates the history, heritage, resilience and diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in Canada.

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Canada Food Guide with photos of plates of food


Welcome to the June Food Guide Newsletter!

This month we feature: 4 new recipes in celebration of National Indigenous History Month.

Recipe special!

Developed by Indigenous chef, Joseph Shawana, this month we feature recipes with Indigenous roots. Traditional foods—and the way they are obtained—are linked to culture, identity, way of life, and overall health for Indigenous people in Canada.


Corn plays a large part in some indigenous cooking. Serve the cornbread with stew or chili, or enjoy a slice with fruit as a snack.

Photo of corn bread

Fried wild rice

This delicious recipe combines the techniques of Chinese fried rice with ingredients that are indigenous to Canada. Wild ginger, wild garlic, and ramps can be found at farmers’ markets when in season.

Photo of fried wild rice

Smoked fish and white hominy corn soup

This indigenous-inspired simple soup brings together fresh smoked fish and flavourful foraged ingredients. White hominy corn is one of many varieties of corn. It is larger and does not overcook in water, which makes it ideal to use in soups.

Photo of smoked fishBlueberry cornmeal muffins

Cornmeal is made from corn, a food that has been grown by some Indigenous communities and in Canada for a long time. Serve these muffins with your favourite side of fruit.

Photo of cornbread blueberry muffins