New Mental Health Resource Centre

August 2022  
A New Mental Health Resource Centre is now available to all members When you thrive, children thrive  
To nurture and care for others, you need the opportunity to nurture and care for yourselves. We are proud to offer you an innovative program, addressing some of the challenges we’ve heard from you, and prioritizing the mental health and wellness needs of all of our members. 

The College has partnered with People Connect to provide convenient access to wellness resources, at no cost to you. 

People Connect is an online service where you can confidentially access:  
– An online mental health self-assessment tool designed to help you understand symptoms of mental health conditions; 
– Virtual mental health therapy with a therapist of your choice; and
– Information and a resource library for credible mental health information. 

All RECEs can be proud of how the profession rose to the challenge throughout the pandemic and cared for children and families under difficult conditions. Your strength under great stress is extraordinary, and we recognize it has taken a toll on many. We encourage all RECEs to take advantage of our People Connect resources to care for yourselves, and to share information about People Connect resources with other RECEs.   

Who can access the service?    ALL members have access to the service, and are encouraged to take advantage of the resources People Connect has to offer.    No personal information such as who accesses the service, is shared with the College.   

How to access the service?    Simply create an account, log-in and get started.     Our partnership with People Connect offers convenient access to wellness resources, making it easier for everyone to access self-care and mental health support.     

Begin Your Wellness Journey        
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