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Supporting Indigenous Father’s Involvement 
Supporting Indigenous Father's Involvment
SKANA Newsletter July Edition
7 JULY 2023 Newsletter
Dads Time Management
Dads Timemagement

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The GIJIIKENDAAMIN newsletter is the quarterly publication of FIREFLY. (Thunder Bay Region) It is geared to early year’s professionals. We hope this is a helpful resource for you to use when working with children and families.

GIJIIKENDAAMIN Fall Newsletter 2021
GIJIIKENDAAMIN Summer Newsletter 2021
GIJIIKENDAAMIN Spring Newsletter 2021
GIJIIKENDAAMIN Winter Newsletter 2021
The Learner

Akwasasne Zero 2 Six EarlyON program shared their newsletter The Learner.  For more information on their program visit Akwesasne Zero 2 Six | Facebook

The Learner February 5

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