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North Shore Supervisor’s Network Reps - Welcome Message

Provincial Supervisors Network Learning Circle - Welcome Message

Honongayewas Mitchell - Opening Prayer

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Chief Andy Rickard -Welcome Message

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Tuesday July 13 Webinars

Honoring Our Gifts

Honouring Our Gifts – Ourselves, Our Kids

Facilitated by Sandi Boucher

Description of Presentation

This session focuses on what our kids deserve, what we deserve, and how to marry the two ideals. Practical, inspirational tips and tricks that can be put to use immediately after the session.

Bio:  Sandi Boucher is an internationally recognized Anishinaabe Inspirational Speaker who has been inspiring Indigenous peoples and educating non-indigenous Canadians for more than a decade.  A best-selling author, Sandi uses traditional teachings, stories and humour to empower audiences of all ages.

Medicine Wheel Teachings

Medicine Wheel Teachings While Participants Create Their Own Medicine Wheel

Facilitated by Debbie Eisan, CPO2, CD2 (Retired)

During these times of stress and uncertainty from the pandemic, it is important for all people to recognize and identify with their personal medicine wheels. I will be sharing with participants the basic medicine wheel teachings, and at the same time allowing them to make their own medicine wheel to remind them of the necessity to stay balanced during these difficult times, and to try to help them to identify where their own medicine wheel could be imbalanced.

Raising Our Spirits

Raising Our Spirits

Facilitated by Julie Michano and Sharon Desmoulin