Innovations in Indigenous ECE

Innovation within Indigenous Early Childhood Care Settings: The What, The Why, The How, and the I’m Not Too Sure if That is What I am Doing?

Facilitated by Mndioo Mnising Supervisor’s Network

Description of Presentation:

The following presentation will look more deeply at innovation pedagogies and practices through an Indigenous knowledge lens to gain insight into innovation and to understand what these practices look like and feel like from an educator’s perspective. Also, this presentation will help to support and build on defining together as a group, What innovation means within the context of an Indigenous child care/early learning centre? If you would like to share some of your innovations within your centre please bring your ideas to the session. This can be an example through an artifact, picture or story, however this is not required and we hope you come out and learn with us as we move forward in Indigenous Early Learning together.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

Facilitated by Nancy Hood

Description of Presentation:

These two issues are common challenges that present themselves in our personal and professional lives.

Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, as well as effective strategies for coping.

Power of Our Stories

The Power of Our Stories

Facilitated by Sandi Boucher

Description of Presentation

This session focuses on the value of example. Participants will analyze their actions and words first through the stories they heard and were told and then through the eyes of the children who now hear them. In a non-judgemental and supportive way, they will learn new ways to teach, guide, and love the children in their care.

Ontario Early Childhood Educators Grant Program and Event Closing