The Indigenous Professional Learning Opportunities Program with FIREFLY is pleased to offer you the use of Marketing Materials for recruitment of early childhood educators for your program.  The materials which include a poster, post card and a radio ad were produced in collaboration with McLean Consulting Group.

Recruitment Marketing is the process of attracting and nurturing talented individuals to your program by marketing to them. The main goal of recruitment marketing is to drive individuals to apply to the open positions your program has available. The poster and post card can be customized with your program’s contact information simply by completing the form below. Once customized the materials will be emailed to you. You can decide then whether to print at your center or send to a printing company.

Why advertise on the Radio?  A radio ad is cost-efficient, targeted, easy to track, and extremely effective. In the car, at work, and at play, radio is there, the advertising strategy the audience takes with them wherever they go!  Many First Nation communities have local radio stations.

There are many ways to use the marketing materials in and outside of your community. Please review the list below.

For the Poster:

      • Local Post Office
      • Gas Stations
      • General Store
      • Restaurants
      • Band Office and Band Office buildings i.e., Health Centre, Employment Resource Centre, Schools
      • Social Media Accounts belonging to First Nations
      • Make available at Job Fairs both on reserve and off reserve

Look at neighbouring towns/cities to hang a poster.

      • Laundry Mats
      • Medical Centres
      • Post Office
      • Grocery Stores
      • Restaurants
      • Library
      • Employment Offices
      • Universities/Colleges/High Schools

For the Post Card:

      • Local Newsletter – posting once a month
      • Sending home with children who attend Child Care and School
      • Posting on your own personal Social Media Page
      • Asking for post card to be posted to First Nation Social Media Pages
      • Make available at Job Fairs both on reserve and off reserve
      • University and Colleges who have ECE Courses available

For the Radio Ad

    • First Nation community radio stations; public announcement
    • Neighbouring community radio stations; public announcement
    • First Nation Community website
    • First Nation Community Facebook and/or Instagram page
    • Program website
    • Program Facebook and/or Instagram page
    • Linkedin page

Personalizing the Radio Ad

    • Request the Radio Station to provide program contact information at the end of the radio ad;
    • Program name and physical address and;
    • Include contact name and number.

Be Prepared

Following distribution of materials to various locations inform the contact person he/she will receive phone calls, emails, text messages or people dropping in to the centre to inquire about employment.