We Want Your Imput! ELCC Asset Mapping Project

To schedule an online interview or focus group as an ELCC provider or participant, please contact me at Bryanne@siscoconsulting.ca.

To participate in the online surveys below for a chance to win one of five $100 gift certificates for Amazon, please click on the relevant link:

·        Staff & Leadership Survey for First Nation Education/Social/Health Directors and Chiefs & Councillors in Ontario: https://sisco.hostedincanadasurveys.ca/476368

·        Parents & Guardians Participant Survey for First Nations Peoples and guardians of First Nations children in Ontario who have participated in First Nation ELCC programming for children 0-6 years old: https://sisco.hostedincanadasurveys.ca/813816

·        ELCC providers in Ontariohttps://sisco.hostedincanadasurveys.ca/368113

·        Unlicensed ELCC providers in Ontario survey:  https://sisco.hostedincanadasurveys.ca/112363

Miigwetch, Yaw^ko, Anushiik, Nyaweh, in advance for participating and / or sharing this information.