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This month we feature: healthy eating and the environment.

Recipe of the month

Looking to cook with what’s in-season? Make peaches the star of the show! Try this peach, roasted chickpeas and halloumi cheese salad. It is a yummy alternative to a standard garden salad and can be served hot or cold.

What to do with your leftover roasted chickpeas? Avoid food waste and have them as a snack or as a topping in a protein and vegetable rice bowl.

Eat plant-based foods more often!

Did you know? An eating pattern that is higher in plant-based foods and lower in animal-based foods can decrease negative impact on the environment. In general, plant-based foods use fewer resources like land and water. Eating them regularly can also have positive effects on your health!

Plant-based foods include:

Reduce food waste

Reducing food waste can be good for the environment and help you save money on groceries! Try to:

  • plan your meals ahead and stick to your grocery list
  • choose imperfect vegetables and fruits to prevent them being thrown out
  • store vegetables and fruits, and fresh herbs properly to extend their shelf life
  • place perishable items, like berries or spinach, visible in the fridge and eat them first
  • use up leftovers by trying out new recipes

Learn more tips on how to waste less food.

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Replace sugary drinks with water

To help make drink choices that are better for the environment carry a reusable water bottle with you. Replace sugary drinks with water! Check out this video and learn more about this healthy eating recommendation.