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Canada's food guide logo Welcome to the February food guide newsletter!
This month we feature: meal planning.
Recipe of the month
Not a morning person? These chocolate berry overnight oats might convert you. By planning the night ahead, you could be waking up to this tasty breakfast.

Meal planning 101 If you’re short on time, plan your meals ahead! This can also help you reduce food waste and save money. Here are some meal planning tips you can try: See what foods you already have in your fridge and cupboards, and pick recipes for the week. Scan grocery flyers and see what is on sale. Make your grocery list and stick to it. Post your meal plan for you or your loved ones to refer to. Learn more about meal planning from start to finish in 4 steps.

Healthy snacks Don’t forget healthy snacks when you’re meal planning! They can help you stay energized and satisfy your hunger between meals. Try: Chopping extra vegetables for snacks when cooking. Making and freezing homemade muffins or granola bars. Making hard-boiled eggs on the weekend and keeping for a week in the fridge (shell on). Making your own trail mix with whole grain cereal and nuts and seeds. Learn more about healthy snacks

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Eat well. Live well. Plan what you eat Learn more about this healthy eating recommendation. Translated food guide snapshot of the month The food guide snapshot is available in 31 languages. This month, discover the snapshot in Traditional Chinese.

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