Welcome to the September Food Guide Newsletter

Welcome to the September food guide newsletter! This month we feature: healthy eating anywhere!
Recipe of the month
Going to work tomorrow, but not sure what to have for lunch? Try these tuna salad wraps. Quick to prepare and easy to pack, these will be your new lunch essential (no microwave required). Even if you plan ahead, you may forget to pack something to eat or not pack enough for lunch some days. Canned fish, such as tuna, are great to have on hand as a healthy option to keep at work. Other ideas include: whole grain crackers lower sodium canned soups fruit, such as apples or oranges nuts and seeds, and nut butters. For more tips on healthy eating at work.
Healthy eating at school
The school year is here! Help kids stay energized throughout their day by packing healthy lunches and snacks. They can provide them nutrients they need to grow and develop. To make them easy to prepare, try to:
plan them with your kids
– stock-up on healthy grab and go snacks
– involve kids in the preparing and packing
– wash, chop or pack items the night before
– plan dinner leftovers that can be used as lunch
For more tips on healthy eating at school.
Healthy eating in the community
Community spaces are important gathering places. They provide a space for residents to play, learn and participate in activities. However, they may not always have healthy food options available. Before you go, be prepared!
Pack your own meal or snacks. Have something available if you get hungry — that way you’re sure to have a healthy option.
Think ahead. It’s not always possible to bring your own food. Before you go, find out what healthy options are available at your location or close by.
Your community may also offer spaces where you can grow or harvest your own food. It’s a great way to eat healthily and enjoy what’s in season. Find out where you can go to:
– pick fruit
– fish, hunt or trap
– join or start a community garden
For more tips on healthy eating in the community.
Did you know?
Did you know? Almost half of all food waste happens at home.
You can help keep food out of landfills by properly planning, storing and preparing food and meals. Check out our cooking skill articles for tips.
This International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste (September 29th), learn how to waste less to support the environment.
Next month
In October, we will feature tips on incorporating orange vegetables into your meals and snacks.
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Choose healthier menu options when eating out
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